Beehives and Runaway Wives

Photographed & Directed

The Sheko people of Ethiopia live by gathering honey from the high trees of the rainforest. They risk their lives both from climbing the huge trees and from the stings of the vicious bees. This film is about Miangu, a honey gatherer who is also having trouble at home. He married a second wife as his first bore him no children. The first wife ran away, and Miangu, between climbing the trees for honey, is taxed with the problem of how to get her back. (Essential TV Discovery Channel).

The Painter and The Fighter

Photographed & Directed

A film about the Surma people who live in one isolated area between south west Ethiopia and Sudan. This tribe who have remained entirely isolated from the outside world, make their own music and art - through body painting, pot making etc. They also have a wild side - manifested in ritual stick fighting. This film was for Survival Anglia and has been shown on National Geographic, and Channel 4.

I have no words to express my admiration for your film about Surma. It is superb.... Pam Hogan Nat Geographic, head of Co-Productions.

The Search for Shangri-La

Photographed & Directed

50 min film for BBC “Journeys” and PBS Boston, on an expedition with Charles Allen and Mark Shand to walk over the Himalayas from Nepal to far western Tibet in the search for the remains of an ancient civilisation which was the source for the legend of Shangri-La.

I must say I was hugely impressed.... John Preston, Sunday Telegraph.

Horse in Sport Polo


50 min film for BBC “Journeys” and PBS Boston, on an expedition with Charles Allen and Mark Shand to walk over the Himalayas from Nepal to far western Tibet in the search for the remains of an ancient civilisation which was the source for the legend of Shangri-La.

I must say I was hugely impressed.... John Preston, Sunday Telegraph.

Dances with Llamas

Produced, Photographed and Directed

50 min Film for BBC “Under the Sun” on llama herders 14,000 feet up in Bolivia. The climax is their annual “Tinku”, often a battle to the death.

This rivetting report showed an astonishing slice of rural life at it’s most primitive and violent.... Stafford Hildred, The Sun.

Vincent the Dutchman


A 50 min film for “ Omnibus” Directed by Mai Zetterling and staring Michael Gough as Vincent Van Gogh. (Winner of the BAFTA award, Best Documentary)

Fat Fiancee

Photographed and Directed

A bride in Western Uganda has to be a Fat Bride, to be respected, indeed to fetch any bride price. After the deal is agreed the young girl is kept in a Fattening Room for up to six months till she is considered ready for the wedding ceremony. (Cicada Films, Discovery Channel)

Planes Pigs, and the Price of Brides

Photographed and Directed

The Migani people in the highlands of West Papua have been one of the most isolated tribes in the world. Recently a few missionaries have reached the area. The people have decided they want to join the modern world, and they believe that the way forward is to build an airstrip. Spurred on by the local missionary, they forge ahead with their plans and start to fell trees and dig the earth; mostly oblivious to the extent of the changes this will bring to their way of life. (Essential TV, Discovery Channel)

The Witchdoctors New Bride

Photographed and Directed

The Me’enit people of Western Ethiopia migrated last century from Southern Sudan to their present home in Ethiopia. They have kept their tradition of highly elaborate funeral ceremonies, and of predicting the future by reading the entrails of their cattle. This is the story of a young girl who was due to become the third wife of the local witchdoctor. Her whole life is shattered when her mother dies, and the readings of the entail promise death to her and her family if the marriage goes ahead. (Essential TV Discovery Channel)

The Chief who talks with God

Photographed and Directed

Chief Itapi rules a small group of people in the Western Highlands of Papua, previously West Irian. He believes he has the ear of God and controls his people in God’s name. He also wishes to extend his power over the whole tribe of the Bunani Mee, and to this end he builds a meeting house and holds a pig feast. He believes that to live traditionally is serving God’s will and showing independence from their Indonesian rulers. (Essential TV Discovery Channel)

Stick Fights and Lip Plates

Photographed and Directed

50 min film on the Surma people in South West Ethiopia. The men still practise violent stick fights, and the women still pierce their lips to insert giant lip plates before marriage. Some young girls are now refusing to pierce their lips, but the men are resisting the change. (Essential TV Discovery Channel)

Wow! Strong story line, intimate interviews and some of the most unique people who have shared their way of life with us.- Maureen Lemire, Discovery.

House of the Spirits

Photographed and Directed

Film for Discovery Channel on a group of people living in the rain forest in Siberut Island, Indonesia. The people believe that spirits from the forest inhabit their bodies. If they don’t give these spirits a good time them may leave, and the person will die. (Essential TV Discovery Channel)

Really lovely film The philosophy of be happy or the spirit will leave is clear, consistent and compelling - Maureen Lemire, Discovery.

A Mysterious Death

Photographed and Directed

Film for BBC “Under the Sun” about a funeral in Ghana and the search for the cause of death... finding if the deceased was killed by a curse.

This wonderful documentary opens a window onto an entirely different culture - Daily Telegraph.

The Beast of Bardia

Photographed and Directed

50 min film on an expedition to find a rare Elephant in Western Nepal. Produced by Cicada Films for Discovery and Channel Four. This is a mystery story of adventure in an exotic setting.

Chosen by Channel 4 in their producer’s guide as a “Model” for the Encounters series.

Empty Quarter

Photographed and Directed

50 min film for BBC Journeys on writer Sandy Gall crossing the Empty Quarter in Arabia by camel.

A delight from start to finish... Max Davidson, Daily Mail.

Bull Magic

Photographed and Directed

50 min film for BBC "Under the Sun" and National Geographic about Bull racing on the island of Madura off Eastern Java.

The most entertaining programme of the week... Time Out.

Women of the Yellow Earth

Photographed and Directed

A Film about the life of two families in remote Northern China, and the problems arising between them and the family planning authorities. The main character ends up with being forcibly sterilized. For BBC "Under the Sun".

... extraordinary film, as intimate and natural as the recent Beyond the Clouds series... Daily Mail.

Queen of the Elephants


A 90 min film with Mark Shand about a journey through Northern India on Elephant back. The film highlights the problems facing the wild Asian Elephant. (Discovery Channel)

The photography is stunning... New York Newsday

The Tide of War


A film about the environmental impact of the Gulf War. Made in two versions, 30 min for Channel 3, and 50 min for National Geographic

Finite Oceans

Photographed & Directed

50 min for Discovery Channel with Dr. Roger Payne on pollution of the World.

A show that gave us the highest results for the evening.... Discovery Channel.

The Artists Horse

Produced, Photographed & Directed

A 20 minute film for the "South Bank Show" about art and the horse. (first prize in "Art Films" at Cork Film Festival)